Giant Screen Films is firmly committed to strengthening the large-format industry not only by providing high-quality content, but also through win-win relationships with exhibitors and a continually evolving understanding of the technologies and opportunities that shape the landscape of immersive cinema. Our titles benefit from GSF’s proven expertise in creative and successful distribution: managing the release of our films allows us to ensure that our exhibition partners are provided with the resources, assets, and marketing support to foster solid box office performance in all venues and markets. Equally important, our investment in shaping our films from concept to consumer engagement allows GSF to establish a cohesive, meaningful platform for our films’ messages and educational outreach. Ancillary distribution—from broadcast to BluRay and even 3D television—offers a tremendous extended life for each film beyond the theater.


GSF also distributes 2D & 3D large-format films on behalf of independent third party producers, taking special pride in the fact that we distribute our clients' films as aggressively as we do our own. Though not always the case, our preference is for development phase acquisitions, assuming distribution responsibilities at an early point in the life of a film project. This enables us to apply the same winning formula of creative support and formative collaboration with exhibition partners to these titles, resulting in proven success in the market.


Our approach to distribution delivers value and results.

  • GSF’s distribution team includes former directors of some of the most recognized and successful museum theaters in the U.S. They appreciate the needs of exhibitors—from marketing to operations to programming—and have established relationships based on integrity and mutual benefit.
  • Our network of established exhibition partners includes the most successful museum theaters and destination venues around the globe, from New York City to Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • GSF is a pioneer in establishing the films in our library as companion experiences for the most inspiring exhibitions in the world. Mummies 3D is the official touring companion of the blockbuster exhibitions, King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharoahs and Cleopatra. Our upcoming release, The Ice Age, will travel the world with the Field Museum’s Mammoths and Mastodons exhibition.
  • Film releases benefit from GSF’s solid business and marketing instincts, and are supported by an array of marketing, publicity, and educational resources, expertly designed and tested to support the efforts of our theater partners.  
  • D3D, GSF’s sister company, is the forerunner in providing both technical expertise as well as quality, signature film content for museum theater 3D conversions, helping to grow and sustain the market of museum theaters that feature optimal immersive experiences and outstanding educational content. GSF’s growing film catalog fuels these emerging venues.